Soi Sim Island in Halong Bay

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Overview Soi Sim Island in Halong Bay

Soi Sim Island is a charming destination in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, that attracts tourists with its serene ambiance and lush greenery. The island is an ideal spot for nature lovers and offers opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and enjoying the stunning panoramic views of the bay. Visitors can also relax on the sandy beach and swim in the crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect getaway to unwind and connect with nature’s beauty.


Referring to Quang Ninh tourism, it is impossible not to mention Soi Sim island, located in the west of Ha Long Bay. This place is less than 700m from the famous Ti Top Island and about 12 km from Bai Chay bridge. With an area of about 7.8ha, Soi Sim Island is where the most sim trees grow. The name Soi Sim of the island is also derived from here. Visitors to Soi Sim Island are not only immersed in nature but also discover the unique wild beauty of this place.

Soi Sim island Halong Bay- Smile Travel
Soi Sim island Halong Bay- Smile Travel

How to move to Soi Sim island

To get to Soi Sim Island, you must first move to Ha Long City. From Hanoi, you can catch a car to HaLong at My Dinh bus station with a ticket price of about 100,000 – 180,000 VND/ person/ time, depending on the quality of the car. Travel time from Hanoi to Ha Long is about 3.5 – 4 hours.

For a comfortable trip, you can choose a Limousine for 15 USD / person / time. The price of a limousine ticket is not much higher, but it is very convenient. The travel time of the car is also quite fast, it takes only about 2,5 hours

After arriving in Ha Long, you take a taxi to the pier and buy a ticket to Soi Sim Island.

Activities in Soi Sim island

Coming to Soi Sim Island, you do not need to worry about places to play because there are many interesting places.

Sea bathing

Soi Sim Beach has a length of about 200m, bringing in a jar of wild beauty and airy peaceful space. Along with that is the white sand stretching under the golden sun, the cool blue water. This is an ideal place for you to immerse yourself in the vast sea and sky. There have been many foreign tourists coming here to experience sunbathing, enjoying the harsh sun typical of the humid tropics of Vietnam.

Explore plant ecosystems

Besides the beautiful beach, Soi Sim Island also attracts the curiosity of visitors by its rich plant ecosystem. Because the island has not been affected by many human hands, the nature here still retains its inherent natural beauty. About two-thirds of the island is covered with red weathered soils and feralite soils, so the vegetation here is extremely diverse. Soi Sim Island is also known as the green pearl of Ha Long.

In addition to the vegetation, coming to Soi Sim Island you also have the opportunity to see a lot of animals living on the island! There are hordes of mischievous monkeys that are very friendly to humans. Visitors to Soi Sim Island can freely joke with them.

Jet skiing around the island

If you want to explore the island from a different perspective, rent a jet ski to walk around this island. Jet ski rentals abound on the coast. In case you don’t know how to drive, it’s okay because there will be a guide to help you.


Hiking to the top of Soi Sim

After an exciting jet ski experience, go ashore and conquer the top of Soi Sim mountain with more than 400 steps. Reaching the top of the mountain, you will be impressed with the beauty of the whole miniature sea and sky scenery in sight. Don’t forget to check-in some beautiful photos to save these memorable moments.

See Rose Myrtle flowers on the island

Coming to Soi Sim on April 4, you will have the opportunity to see the endless forest of rose myrtle flowers blooming. A romantic purple color covered the island as if it had been put on a new shirt. Such a beautiful beauty that we can’t help but hold up our cameras to take a few shots.

What to eat when traveling to Soi Sim Island?

Traveling to this beautiful island, you definitely cannot ignore the nutrient-rich specialty Sá Sung here. From Sá Sung people can make a lot of delicious and exotic dishes. Fresh Sá Sung can be stir-fried with garlic or stewed to make a broth for rich noodle soup. Dried Sá Sung can be grilled and used to make very crispy and fragrant drinks. Coming to Ha Long beach, do not forget to enjoy other famous specialties such as sea spruce, Ha Long squid roll, “nod” cake … Let’s go.

Some notes when traveling to Soi Sim Island

There are no snacks on the island, if you want to eat you can put them in your bag or backpack to take with you before boarding.

  • The most ideal time to visit Soi Sim Island is from May 3-5 and from May 8-10. At this time, the weather is beautiful, dry, green trees suitable for adventures and discoveries.
  • On the journey to the top of Soi Sim, you need to follow the ladder system here. Pay attention to follow the group and follow the instructions of the tour guide and captain to avoid unwanted incidents.
  • The island is quite empty, when swimming in the sea, you should not swim far away to prevent any problems.
  • This place has a wild and clean beauty, please pay attention to the general hygiene of this island.

With the above useful travel information, what are you waiting for without backpacking and coming to Soi Sim Island right away. Come here once to explore the beautiful, poetic island and be in harmony with nature here. Halo Travel wishes you a meaningful and joyful trip.

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