Overview Titop Island

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Overview Titop Island

Titop Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam, is a captivating destination known for its pristine beauty and stunning landscape. With its highest peak offering panoramic views, visitors can enjoy climbing and exploring the surroundings. The island also provides opportunities for swimming, indulging in fresh seafood, and engaging in exciting activities, making it an unforgettable experience for every traveler.


In the past, this island was very little known and was popularly known as Graveyard Island or Red Cross. The name is used to commemorate the sailors who perished on a French cargo ship that crashed in Halong Bay and were buried on the island. Currently, when you set foot on the island, you can learn about this through the stone slab right in front of the island.

In 1962, to commemorate the visit to the island of Uncle Ho and the Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Ti Top. He consulted people to get the name Titop for this island. And the name Titop has existed to this day, becoming a symbol of the friendship of 2 countries Vietnam – the Soviet Union.

Titop Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Titop Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam


Titop Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Halong Bay, Quang Ninh. This island is located in the southeast of the Bay, only about 7-8 km from Bai Chay cruise ship port. Around the island is Cua Luc Bay, in front is the famous Sung Sot cave, on the right is Hon Dam Nam. This will be a great destination for you to explore when coming to Halong.

How to move to Titop Island

This island belongs to sightseeing route 2 when traveling to Halong Bay. It is also an overnight stop for many cruises on the bay. Therefore, you can buy tickets, charter a boat to visit the bay or buy an overnight cruise on the bay to reach Titop Island.

Also, recently, you can reach the Island by luxury seaplane. Seaplanes will depart from Tuan Chau Island and fly at an altitude of 300m to help visitors enjoy the scenery. The final destination of the seaplane is Titop Island.

Experience traveling to Titop Island

Today, Titop Island has become one of the tourist highlights of HaLong. This is a destination not to be missed when visiting the bay. So, on this island, what interesting activities can you participate in?

View from Titop - Halong Bay-Smiletravel
View from Titop – Halong Bay-Smiletravel

Delight in swimming at Titop beach on the island

Different from many other tourist attractions on the bay. In addition to the poetic natural landscape, the water paint is charming. Titop also owns a beautiful long beach called Moon beach. The reason it is called Moon beach is because from above, this beach is shaped like a moon hugging the foot of the island.

Titop beach is not large, but it is quite quiet, airy and especially very clean. Therefore, this beach becomes a favorite destination for tourists, especially in summer. It becomes an ideal location to avoid the heat.

In addition, at this beach, there are also countless fun activities such as kayaking, pontoon pulling, skydiving,.. for you to choose from. In particular, kayaking is loved and experienced by many tourists.

Panoramic view of Halong Bay on the top of Titop Mountain

After passing about 400 steps, you can reach the top of Titop Mountain. Certainly, the nature and scenery here will not disappoint you.

From the top of the mountain, looking around, the four sides are all immense waves. You will feel your smallness in the midst of nature, this great heaven and earth. It is a water painting consisting of large and small islands of all shapes. Both towering mountains and boats float nonchalantly on the water.

Right at the foot of the island, it is a moon-shaped beach with smooth sand, fragile and fanciful scenery. It will make you surprised and immersed.

Titop Island Halong Bay
Titop Island Halong Bay

Some notes when visiting the island

Before visiting this beautiful island, please bag yourself some of the following notes:

  • You can rent a kayak to fully explore the beauty of the island. The price of 1 kayak for 2 people will be about 150,000 VND / 1 hour.
  • You can buy food and drink at reception on Titop Island.
  • Remember to bring sunscreen to protect your skin as the island is quite sunny. You may need to use them when swimming on the beach.
  • Pay attention to the ladder system when climbing the summit to ensure the safety of you and those around you
  • Hopefully, with the above information about Titop Island, you will have interesting experiences when exploring here. Don’t forget to share with Smile Travel your feelings about this island and the natural wonder of Halong Bay in the comments section below the article! Thank you!

Smile Travel hope you have a trip full of the most enjoyable, fun and fulfilling experience!

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