Luon Cave in Halong Bay

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Overview Luon Cave in Halong Bay

Luon Cave– A Tranquil Gem in Halong Bay. Glide through emerald waters amidst limestone cliffs and lush greenery. Experience serenity on a traditional bamboo boat. A peaceful sanctuary of natural wonder awaits

Luon Cave Location

Luon Cave is situated on Bồ Hòn Island, about 14 km south of Bai Chay. Its unique structure features the Turtle Rock in the front and the Heaven’s Gate on the right side, with vertical cliffs creating a discreet entrance to the cave.

Luon Cave attracts visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty, where the harmonious blend of water, sky, and rock formations, along with lush vegetation, creates a flawless and enchanting scene. This destination appears like a precious gift bestowed upon Halong Bay by Mother Nature herself.

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Luon Cave in Halong Bay

Luon Cave History

Luon Cave is named appropriately because the cave winds its way through a mountain and has two interconnected(Luồn) entrances. In the past, when the province decided to invest in developing the cave complex into a tourist destination, the cave was initially named “Trinh Nữ” (Virgin) Cave. However, later it was changed to Luon Cave, which better reflects the nature and characteristics of the cave.

How to move to Luon Cave

Nowadays, with the development of transportation, traveling from one place to another has become more convenient and easy. Especially in places with many famous tourist destinations like Ha Long, Quang Ninh, transportation has been heavily invested in.

Therefore, getting to Luon Cave is not difficult at all, and you can choose one of the following two ways:

Option 1: From the city center of Ha Long, it takes about 10 minutes to travel along National Highway 18 to Bai Chay Ferry, then take a boat or rent a boat to Luon Cave. Note: The visiting hours on the bay are from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, and the time for boat trips is usually from 6 to 8 hours. So, make sure to plan your time accordingly to be able to rent a boat for the tour and return to the mainland in time!

Option 2: If you prefer not to plan and research or book in advance, you can choose to join a pre-arranged tour or book a cruise with a fixed itinerary. Most tour operators in Ha Long and Quang Ninh offer tours to explore HaLong Bay, including visiting Luon Cave. You just need to book the tour, and the tour organizer will take care of everything else for you.

Discover the beauty of Luon Cave

Luon Cave is simply an underground waterway flowing inside the mountain. The clear blue water resembles a transparent mirror, making the cave even more mysterious and retaining its inherent pristine beauty. Near the water’s edge, a natural arch gate appears, penetrating through the mountain range and leading straight into the cave. This is a spot where you can capture incredibly interesting photographs.

To explore Luon Cave, you will row small boats through the archway and into the cave. The cool and refreshing water reflects the shimmering stalactites hanging down, highlighting the cave’s beauty. Upon passing through the cave’s gate, you will encounter a charming water lake surrounded by massive rocky mountains. Along the steep cliffs, lush vegetation thrives, and mischievous monkeys playfully run around. Beneath the water surface, various marine creatures such as crabs, shrimp, squids, and fish find their habitat.

This area is a closed group of islands, connecting to the sea through a narrow opening about 4 meters wide, 3 meters high, and 100 meters long. The brackish water inside the cave is enclosed by four mountainous sides, covering an area of nearly 1 km². On the rocky walls, fossils of freshwater snail shells remain, proving that human beings once resided here, likely in a deep valley. Visiting Luon Cave, apart from admiring the beauty of nature, offers memorable experiences. The most exciting activity is kayaking to explore Luon Cave. Riding on a small and lovely kayak, while chatting and enjoying the magnificent scenery, you will experience a truly romantic and poetic adventure. A typical kayak is designed for two people with two paddles, allowing you to freely navigate through the vast waves of Halong Bay.

Activities when exploring the Luon cave

Kayaking experience

To explore Luon Cave, one of the most exciting experiences is kayaking. You will have the opportunity to touch the surface of the seawater with your hands and then reach up to feel the stalactites hanging down from the cave’s ceiling. Plunging your hands into the water and inhaling the salty sea air creates a fascinating sensation. The kayaks are relatively small, accommodating a maximum of two people, and come with one or two paddles.

The rental price for a kayak is 100,000 VND per trip for two people.

Take a boat

If you prefer to explore the cave with a larger group of people or find it inconvenient to paddle a kayak alone or with just one other person, renting a boat will be a much more convenient option. When renting a boat, you can comfortably chat with friends and take beautiful photos to your heart’s content.

The rental price for a boat is 100,000 VND per person per trip for one person.

Notes when discover Luon Cave

Because this is one of the untouched destinations that have recently been developed for tourism, don’t miss out on this place when you visit Halong Bay! Remember the following tips to have a joyful trip:

Don’t forget to bring necessary personal items for the trip. Remember to pack a cute swimsuit to experience Luon Cave by kayak.

Prepare sunscreen, mosquito repellent, etc., as the weather in the bay can be sunny and mosquito-filled.

Pack light to avoid carrying too much luggage, which can be tiring.

Dispose of trash properly and bring a bag to collect waste during the trip. Help preserve the natural landscape and keep it clean.

To save costs, consider taking a boat to the bay and renting a kayak for exploration.

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