Dau Go Cave( Wooden Head Cave)

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Introduce Dau Go Cave( Wooden Head Cave)
Discover the Mysteries of Dau Go Cave: A Hidden Gem in Halong Bay. Venture into the enchanting depths of Dau Go Cave, a hidden treasure nestled amidst the majestic Halong Bay. Be awestruck by the breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites formations, as nature’s artistry adorns the cave’s interior. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Dau Go Cave and unlock its ancient secrets, leaving you with an unforgettable experience of the mesmerizing beauty and charm it holds

 Dau Go Cave Location

Known as one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam, Dau Go Cave is located on Dau Go Island in Ha Long Bay. According to surveys conducted by scientists, the cave has an area of about 5000m2, with a wide entrance measuring 17m and a height of 12m. Amidst the majestic landscapes of Halong Bay, Dau Go Cave was formed during the late Pleistocene era, approximately 2 million years ago, around the same time as the creation of Thien Cung Cave.

Set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Halong Bay, Dau Go Cave is often likened by locals to a gigantic air conditioner. The temperature inside the cave varies with the seasons, with a warm and pleasant environment during winter, while in summer, the temperature remains at around 20 – 22 degrees Celsius.

The legend of Dau Go Cave

The name “Dau Go” (Wooden Head Cave) itself is closely associated with many mysterious and fascinating legends. Specifically, there are three folktales passed down to explain the origin of this name.

The first legend tells that during the war against the Mongol invaders in the 13th century, General Tran Hung Dao devised a clever strategy by driving wooden stakes into the water to destroy the enemy’s boats. It was this intelligent tactic that led to a resounding victory, securing the nation’s borders. Afterwards, many wooden stakes remained inside the cave, and the local people named it “Dau Go,” which phonetically sounds like “giau go” (hiding wood) in Vietnamese.

Dau Go Cave( Wooden Head Cave)
Dau Go Cave( Wooden Head Cave)

The second legend explains that in front of Dau Go Cave, there used to be a series of islands shaped like an arch. This created a sheltered area with little wind, allowing fishermen to take refuge from storms during their fishing trips. While staying there, they repaired their boats, leaving behind various wooden remnants, which contributed to the name “Dau Go.”

The third legend is another interpretation from the local people, who saw the Dau Go Island from a distance and thought it resembled a large wooden anvil with two holes at each end for threading ropes. This unique feature gave rise to the name “Dau Go.”

It remains uncertain which legend holds the truth about the special name of the cave. Nevertheless, these fascinating myths have undoubtedly added to the enigmatic allure of Dau Go Cave, attracting many visitors.

In 1938, the French travel magazine “Merveille du Monde” also mentioned Dau Go Cave, honoring it as the “Grotte des Merveilles” (Cave of Wonders). This once again reaffirms the extraordinary beauty of this natural wonder.

How to go to Dau Go Cave

There are 2 ways to go to Dau Go Cave

Option 1: You can book a HaLong Bay cruise tour, which includes a visit to Dau Go Cave. This option is suitable for large groups, families with elderly or young children. When booking the tour, make sure to carefully check the ticket prices and trip details to avoid confusion and have better control over your itinerary.

Option 2: You can travel on your own from the city center to the Tuần Châu Island ferry terminal, which is about 13 km away and takes approximately 17 minutes by car. At the ferry terminal, you can rent a boat or a ship to directly visit Dau Go Cave via Route 1 of Halong Bay (the route that includes Hang Dau Go) with a ticket price of 290,000 VND per person. This option is more suitable for young travelers who prefer the freedom to explore and want a more private experience.

Dau Go Cave( Wooden Head Cave)
Dau Go Cave( Wooden Head Cave)

Exploring Dau Go Cave

Arriving at the entrance of Dau Go Cave, you will be welcomed by swallows
The entrance of Dau Go Cave is not only wide but also tall, allowing plenty of natural light to enter the cave. It is considered one of the largest cave entrances in HaLong Bay. Additionally, the cave serves as a refuge for a species of swallows. Therefore, lucky visitors may have the chance to encounter these rare and precious birds during their exploration.

The natural formation of the cave is divided into three main chambers:

Chamber 1: This is the outermost chamber with a vaulted ceiling that captures and illuminates the space with natural light. It creates a majestic and pristine natural landscape. The cave’s ceiling resembles a masterpiece of giant oil paintings made from stalactites, stimulating fascinating imaginations for every visitor.
Chamber 2: After exploring the first chamber, visitors will enter the second chamber, where a dim and ethereal light creates a mysterious and unique atmosphere. The formations in this chamber resemble swaying rocks on the water, evoking a sense of curiosity and trepidation as hidden rock formations appear and disappear.
Chamber 3: This is the final chamber of the cave, and its interior suddenly expands in size. At the deepest part of the cave lies the Fairy Well, a wellspring of clear and cool water, its gentle trickling sound a delight to the ears. The lighting in this chamber also adds to its enigmatic ambiance, with images of ancient citadels depicted on the walls. It appears as if a chaotic battle of petrified elephants and horses in the midst of combat is taking place.

Dau Go Cave( Wooden Head Cave)
Dau Go Cave( Wooden Head Cave)

Best time to visit Dau Go Cave

Being well-prepared before your trip to HaLong Bay will enhance your experience and minimize any unnecessary risks. Here are some tips for visitors when visiting Dau Go Cave:

• The best time to visit Dau Go Cave is from April to October when the weather is pleasant, not too cold, and less rainy.
• As the cave is spacious, remember to bring water and apply mosquito repellent throughout your journey.
• Avoid touching the cave formations and refrain from littering to preserve the natural beauty of the cave.
• Wear light, comfortable clothing, and sturdy sports shoes to navigate through the complex terrain.
• Make sure to fully charge your camera and phone to capture those beautiful moments!

By following these tips, you can fully enjoy your visit to Dau Go Cave and have a memorable experience in Halong Bay.

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