Trong Cave (Drum Cave) and Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave)

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Overview Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave

Trong Cave (Drum Cave) and Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave)


Trong Cave (Drum Cave) and Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave) are well-known names for both domestic and international tourists visiting Halong Bay. They are located on Bồ Hòn Island, about 15 km south of Bãi Cháy in Halong Bay. These caves attract visitors with their unique beauty and romantic love legend. The two caves are facing each other, with a distance of approximately 700-800 meters between them. Interestingly, the entrances of the two caves are oriented in opposite directions.

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The legend and history of Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave

Trống Cave, also known as Drum Cave or Cave of Drum Beats, is located on Bo Hon Island, about 15 km south of Bai Chay. The cave was formed millions of years ago through geological processes, with seawater eroding the limestone rocks and creating a beautiful and diverse system of caves. The name “Hang Trống” comes from the shapes of the rocks inside the cave, which produce echoing sounds like drum beats when the sea waves hit them.

Trinh Nu Cave, or Virgin Cave, is situated about 700-800m away from Hang Trống, facing each other across the bay. Trinh Nu Cave is located on Bo Hon Island and is also a famous attraction in HaLong Bay. The name “Trinh Nữ” originates from a romantic and tragic love story between a young girl and a poor fisherman.

The legend tells the story of a beautiful girl, the daughter of a poor fisherman, who fell in love with a poor fisherman. However, a local landlord desired the girl and forced her family to marry her to him. She refused, as she loved only the fisherman. During a violent storm, she was exiled to a deserted island by the landlord. Hungry and exhausted, she eventually transformed into a rock, becoming Trinh Nu Cave. The fisherman, unaware of what had happened, searched for her. In the end, he, too, was swept away by the sea and turned into a rock at Hang Trống, facing Trinh Nu Cave.

This legend has become a beautiful and romantic story, passed down through generations, creating an emotional and inspiring ambiance for tourists visiting HaLong Bay and these two special caves. Both caves have become attractive tourist spots and hold special cultural significance for local people and travelers from around the world.

How to move to Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave

When you arrive at Tuần Châu pier, you will find a ticket counter on the right corner of the main entrance. To visit Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave in Hạ Long, you need to purchase tickets for route number 2 at the pier. The ticket prices range from 240,000 to 290,000 VND per person. After buying the tickets, you board the boat for the excursion. Here, you can listen to the legends of these two caves and take plenty of photos for check-ins.

Discover the beauty of Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave

Trinh Nu Cave

Right behind the entrance of Trinh Nu Cave (formerly known as La Vierge by the French) stands a statue of a girl made of stone, lying with her hair spread out, as if looking out towards the distant sea. It is because of this image that the place is famous for its legends of eternal love, and the promises made by couples to each other amid the mountains and the sea.

Trong Cave (Cave of the Male)

Located opposite Trinh Nu Cave, Trong Cave (Cave of the Male) has a wide entrance that connects with Trinh Nu Cave through two mountain walls, facing east and west. It is bestowed by nature with the essence of beauty. Inside the cave, the upper part of the ceiling is adorned with clusters of glistening white stalactites hanging gracefully. There is also a stone statue likened to a young man looking towards Trinh Nu Cave. When you visit Trống Cave, you can admire its beauty illuminated by the sunlight from outside. Listen and feel the unique sounds of the wind echoing through the crevices, creating a fascinating symphony of nature.

Notes when visiting Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave

Here are some tips for your trip:

Pack light as you’ll be visiting multiple places in the bay, making it easier to move around.

Bring a pair of sports shoes for comfortable exploration.

Since you’ll be visiting caves, it’s advisable to carry a flashlight in case it’s needed.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Purchase your tickets at the ticket counter in Tuần Châu International Passenger Port to avoid being scammed outside.

If you choose to have lunch on the boat, it typically costs between 150,000 VND to 250,000 VND.


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