Trung Trang Cave- One of the largest caves in Cat Ba Island

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Overview Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang Cave is located in the Trung Trang Valley and is about 1km away from the center of Cat Ba National Park. From Cat Ba town, visitors can easily reach the cave by heading northwest for about 15km. It is one of the largest caves and a prominent feature of the cave system in the Cat Ba Archipelago, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and an attractive tourist destination. Additionally, due to its proximity to the Kim Giao natural forest, the surrounding area of the cave enjoys a cool and pleasant atmosphere, making it convenient for visitors to explore.

Trung Trang cave is one of the largest caves, representing the cave population in the world biosphere reserve of the Cat Ba archipelago.

Trung Trang Cave
Trung Trang Cave

Found in 1938, Trung Trang Cave is called by many different names. In the past, it was called the bat cave because inside, the cave was home to many herds of bats.

During the defendant war against the US invasion, from 1964 to 1968, the cave was selected as the location of the naval command with the task of telecommunication and radio station, so the cave used to be called Navy Cave. The cave still preserves a few traces, such as an entertainment room, meeting room, and water tank … to serve daily life for our soldiers.

The cave was formed tens of millions of years ago when the water flow eroded the limestone mountains, creating a cave that stretches about 300m through the mountain.

Trung Trang cave with thousands of stalactites in various shapes, offering geological values with a typical cave ecosystem.

In addition to its beauty of natural stalactites, Trung Trang cave has its ecosystem in the mysterious darkness. The cave is home to many creatures such as reptiles, insects, birds, and bats.

Trung Trang Cave
Trung Trang Cave

Each stalactite formation in Trung Trang Cave is closely associated with fascinating legends. The image of an eagle stealing the princess in the ancient fairy tale “Thach Sanh” or the depiction of cranes on the Dong Son bronze drum, and the Black Turtle of Princess Trung Trang are all vividly reproduced. More intriguingly, there is a stalactite formation resembling a Golden-haired Lion, which represents the mythical guardian of the princess’s treasure. As you venture deeper into the cave, the stalactite formations become more majestic, intertwining with large cave chambers to create an enchanting labyrinth that captivates the hearts of visitors.

How to get to Trung Trang Cave in Cat Ba Island?

Trung Trang Cave is located in Trung Trang Valley, about 1km from the center of Cat Ba National Park. From the center of Cat Ba Town, it is about 15km northwest to reach the cave quickly. Tourists can reach here through various routes and means of transportation. However, to reach Trung Trang Cave, tourists must first go to Cat Ba Town.

By Motorbike

Traveling by motorbike to Hai Phong is a cost-effective and flexible way to plan your own itinerary. It is only about 120km from Hanoi, and you only need a few hours to conquer the road. However, you need to drive carefully, control your speed, and obey traffic laws to ensure safety during your trip.

By Bus

If you are coming from the nearby northern region, you can choose a bus, which is relatively cheap. From Hanoi, you have many options for bus companies, with diverse prices and services. The bus fare ranges from 120,000 – 250,000 VND per trip.

Next, you will take a high-speed boat to Cai Vieng Pier. From there, it only takes about 30 minutes by car to reach Cat Ba Town. The entire journey takes about 3.5 – 4 hours, and the ticket price ranges from 240,000 – 290,000 VND per person per way, depending on the low or high season.

By Train

Trains are a popular means of transportation chosen by many tourists to travel to the Port City. Train tickets from Hanoi to Hai Phong cost around 60,000 VND per ticket, with a travel time of over 2 hours. Upon arrival in Hai Phong, tourists can continue by high-speed boat to Cat Ba Town, with a ticket price of 220,000 VND per person.

By Airplane

Tourists from the southern or central provinces can choose airplanes as their means of transportation to Hai Phong. From Cat Bi Airport, tourists can travel to Cat Ba Town by taxi or motorbike.

List 10 5-star cruises visit Trung Trang Cave in Cat Ba Island

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  3. Scarlet pearl Cruises
  4. Orchid Classic Cruises
  5. Orchid Trendy Cruises
  6. Mon Cherri Cruises
  7. Genesis Regal Cruise Halong 5*
  8. Capella Cruise
  9. Rosy Cruises
  10. Indochine Cruises

Tips for visitors when visit Trung Trang Cave

To make your trip to Trung Trang Cave convenient, you can also consider the following points:

Plan your Cat Ba trip early to take advantage of booking cheap flights, hotels, and tour packages with the best options.

Maintain cleanliness and avoid littering, while also raising awareness of environmental protection in the tourist area. In particular, during the visit, do not touch the natural stalactites or engage in actions that damage the natural resources.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, phone, and power bank to capture beautiful photos in the cave.

Carry some snacks and basic medications such as headache relievers, fever reducers, nasal decongestants, and mosquito repellent cream.

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