Sea Octopus Cruise – 4h Admire Sunset

1/2 day
65 USD 45 USD

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    Sea Octopus Cruise 4h Admire Sunset And Dazzling Night View Of Halong

    Highlight of the trip

    • Mellow classical music performance
    • Free canape during sunset time
    • Live DJ music with vibrant mixtape
    • Buffet dinner with many special foods
      Sea Octopus Cruise Halong
      Sea Octopus Halong Cruise

    17:00 – 17:30 Sea Octopus Cruise crew warmly welcome you from Sunworld International Port.

    17:45 – 18:00 Boarding and enjoying a welcome drink and fruits. The cruise manager will do a short briefing of Halong Bay and the trip schedule, along with a safety and environmental sustainable travel guide onboard.

    18:00 – 18:15 Witness the stunning view of Halong nightlife. Sea Octopus Cruise Halong will bring you through Halong’s most famous destination: Bai Chay Bridge, the Sun Wheel, Bai Tho Mountain, the Square, Quang Ninh’s Museum and Dolphin’s Palace.

    Sea Octopus Cruise Halong
    View from Sea Octopus Halong Cruise

    18:30 – 19:15 Have a taste of the refreshing canape buffet while harmonizing with the romantic melody of guitar and violin.

    19:15 – 19:30 The cruise reaches the docking point. Enjoy the scrumptious dinner at Bayside Bayside Delight or Sea Breeze Restaurant with special menu inspired by special-ties of Eastern, Western and local cuisine. Only on Sea Octopus Cruise, we present 5 octopus dishes with 5 different styles: Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese – prepared by our experienced and dedicated chefs. Our band will serenade you during the meal.

    Sea Octopus Cruise Halong
    Food on Sea Octopus Halong Cruise

    20:15 – 20:30 After dinner, passengers can relax with the night view of Halong on the 1st and 2nd floor’s Sundeck or participate in other entertainment activities on the cruise. In particular, you can join in our karaoke program or immerse yourself with subli- mated music at Echo Bar & Lounge, equipped with the most modern lighting and sound systems.

    Sea Octopus Cruise Halong
    Show on Sea Octopus Halong Cruise

    22:00 Sea Octopus Halong will take you back to Sunworld International Port. Embark and end your journey with delight.

    Price Inclusion:

    • . Welcome drink and refreshment towel.
    • . Free Wifi.
    • . Canape buffet.
    • . 100-dishes buffet with fresh seafood
    • and specialties from many different cuisines.

    Price Exclusion:

    • . Extra dishes ordered from a-la-carte menu.
    • . Extra fee that isn’t included in the list

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