Overview Genesis Regal Cruise Halong 5-star

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Besides some cruises such as: Stellar of the Seas, Athena, Ambassador…, when visiting Halong Bay, tourists cannot ignore the Genesis Regal 5-star cruise. So right now, let Smile Travel introduce to tourists more about this Genesis Regal cruise!

Overview Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel Halongbay
Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel – Halongbay

1. Introduce about Genesis Regal Cruise Halong Bay

The 5-star Genesis Regal Cruise is a high-end cruise product on Halong Bay, a highlight in the middle of the bay. The cruise is designed in harmony between Vietnamese cultural traditions and neoclassical design style, inspired by French architecture combined with Indochina architecture. Therefore, when first setting foot on this 5-star cruise, visitors will feel an atmosphere that is both familiar and new, extremely comfortable and interesting.

All rooms on this Halong bay cruise have private balconies, bathtubs, and large windows overlooking the bay. The Genesis Regal cruise‘s journey explores the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay – the seaside resort paradise of the Gulf of Tonkin.

The cruise ship’s body is painted white, with brown edges and an extremely prominent wide orange sail, helping customers identify it easily even at a distance. The service areas on the yacht are designed with luxurious dark-colored wood. Genesis Regal Cruise Halong has 3 floors with functional areas such as: rooms, restaurants, gyms, spa areas on the 1st and 2nd floors, and the 3rd floor has a very airy open space used as a counter. bar, an area for visitors to admire the scenery and live virtually.

Overview Genesis Regal Cruise 5-star Halong Bay
Overview Genesis Regal Cruise 5-star Halong Bay

2. Utility services on Genesis Regal Cruise

As a 5-star cruise in Halong Bay, the amenities on Genesis Regal Cruise are like a floating resort on the sea with full amenities not inferior to resorts on land. In addition to the welcome area and luxurious rooms, the cruise also has a system of high-class and modern amenities.

Tonkin restaurant and bar

Genesis Regal Cruise reviews, Smile Travel is confident that this will be a favorite space for tourists who are passionate about food and enjoy relaxing moments. The restaurant has spacious space and dark-toned interior made from luxurious wood. The view from the network is also beautiful, you can enjoy the view over the bay even while having a meal. The restaurant is also equipped with a projector to serve the entertainment needs of visitors.

Restaurant Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel Halongbay
Restaurant Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel – Halongbay

The Genesis Regal cruise‘s restaurant specializes in serving Asian cuisine and Vietnamese specialties, buffets, and buffet meals, so you can comfortably enjoy delicious dishes to fill your hungry stomach after a long journey. The cruise bar is located on the 3rd floor with a modern design serving a variety of delicious drinks, cocktails and wines from around the world.

Bar Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel Halongbay
Bar on Genesis Regal Cruise


Going on a cruise to relax, sightsee, and exercise is real. Coming to the Genesis Regal cruise, guests will be able to exercise no differently than in a normal gym on land, because it is equipped with a majestic gym with full equipment such as weights and machines. running, lounge chairs for you to comfortably practice and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the bay.

Relaxing spa

Although not too large, the Spa on the Genesis Regal cruise is always a great place for visitors to come and reward themselves with moments of refreshing sublimation, relaxing both body and mind with care treatments. professional health and beauty.

Spa Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel Halongbay
Spa Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel – Halongbay


Like other luxury cruises in Ha Long, Genesis Regal cruise also has a very large sundeck that is delicately designed so guests can comfortably relax, admire the scenery, sunbathe or organize attractive activities such as: sunset parties, sunrise viewing, virtual living, afternoon tea parties, early morning fitness classes…

Sundeck Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel Halongbay
Sundeck Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel – Halongbay

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool on the 5-star Genesis Regal cruise is also a great check-in place for you to comfortably cool off, relax and enjoy the paradise-like scenery on Halong Bay. The swimming pool has a jacuzzi function and in winter has warm water so you can comfortably enjoy it. Especially, don’t forget to check-in for a virtual life with a luxurious and classy floating breakfast service that’s not inferior to any 5-star resort on a cruise.

Jacuzzi Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel Halongbay
Jacuzzi Genesis Regal Cruise Smiletravel – Halongbay

3. Genesis Regal cruise’s room category

Genesis Regal Cruise Ha Long is designed with 20 rooms and divided into 5 different room categories with sizes from 32 to 55m2 depending on the category. All room types have private balconies with sea views, 2 standing and lying bathtubs, hot and cold water, free wifi and K+ TV.

Junior Suite

Location: on the first floor of the cruise.

This room class is loved by many customers at Genesis Regal cruise. The room has an area of ​​32m2, quite spacious and airy. Although it is the smallest room here, it is a comfortable living space for two adults.

The entire architecture and interior of the room are designed in Vietnamese and French styles. White walls and ceilings are combined with warm tones of the floor and furniture, this combination creates a luxurious and elegant beauty.

Junior Suite rooms are also divided into two single beds and one double bed. The bed is prepared with white blankets, sheets, pillows, and cushions that are clean and soft. When entering here, visitors just need to lay down to rest.

Junior Suite
Junior Suite

Senior Suite

Location: on the second floor of the cruise.

The next room category – Senior Suite is equally as popular as the Junior Suite on the Genesis Regal Cruise Halong. Senior’s area is also 32m2. However, this room type is located on the second floor of the cruise, so it creates a more airy space and has an extremely romantic view of the sea from above.

The room can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and one child. If there are additional people, additional fees will be incurred depending on each person. Therefore, Senior is an extremely suitable room for couples or small families who want to enjoy a vacation on a boat.

An attraction at the Senior Suite for customers is definitely the outside balcony. Here, the cruise has already arranged tables, chairs and lights. In addition, drinks and fruits are also placed on the table for visitors. Therefore, this place is truly an ideal space to sit and chat, enjoy tea and admire the beautiful natural scenery.

Senior Suite
Senior Suite

Family Junior Suite 

Not only does it have rooms for couples, Genesis Regal cruise also offers family rooms. The Family Junior Suite room is designed with an area of ​​38m2, suitable for 2 adults and one child. All furniture and furnishings in the room are arranged harmoniously and reasonably, so the room is always spacious and airy, making the resort life of customers as comfortable as possible.

When staying at the Family Junior Suite room, guests will have two bed options. You can choose a room with 1 single bed and an extra-large double bed or a room with 3 single beds. The beds are all 2 meters long so they are quite spacious and comfortable. Besides, you can also request an extra bed if needed.

Family Junior Suite
Family Junior Suite

Connecting Junior Suite 

This is the room class with the most special structure on the Genesis Regal cruise, extremely suitable for groups of friends or couples traveling together. People can move back and forth between the two rooms easily.

In particular, the Connecting Junior Suite room has a total area of ​​64m2. The room has two bedrooms equipped with two different bed styles. The bed in the first bedroom is a large double bed. Right above the head of the bed are two night lights with soft light and a small cabinet for customers to store things.

Connecting Junior Suite
Connecting Junior Suite

Terrace Suite

Location: on the second floor of the cruise.

Terrace Suite is the most luxurious room class at the Genesis Regal cruise Halong. With a super wide area of ​​up to 55m2 and luxurious royal furniture from tables and chairs to beds and cabinets, all are made of high quality agarwood. Therefore, this room class is the ideal luxury resort for high-class tourists.

Because it is located on the 2nd floor, the Terrace Suite possesses a wonderful viewing space. Surrounding both sides of the room are thick and transparent glass doors. With a view overlooking the fresh, green sea and mountains, this place has become an extremely good check-in place for virtual living enthusiasts.

Terrace Suite
Terrace Suite

4. Suggested itinerary to visit Halong Bay by Genesis Regal Cruise

Genesis Regal Cruise offers customers a variety of accommodations and tours. You can choose a 2 days 1 night cruise or a 3 days 2 nights cruise tour. Depending on your needs and budget, you will be advised on the most suitable schedule. The tours will lead tourists to visit mysterious caves and famous landmarks in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Kayaking with Genesis Regal cruise tours
Kayaking with Genesis Regal cruise tours

Option 1: Tour 3 Days 2 Nights Genesis Regal Cruise Halong Bay


Day 1: Hanoi – Tuan Chau Marina – Halong Bay – Dark and Bright Cave (Meals: Lunch/ Dinner)

Day 2:  Tai Chi exercise – Cycling at Viet Hai Village – Swimming at natural beach area (Ba Trai Dao) – Free time for activities (Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner)

Day 3: Tai Chi exercise – Bau Floating – Typical Vietnamese cuisine – Return to Hanoi (Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch)

Option 2: Tour 2 Days 1 Night Genesis Regal Cruise Halong Bay


Day 1: Hanoi – Tuan Chau Marina – Halong Bay – Dark and Bright Cave (Meals: Lunch/ Dinner)

Day 2: Tai Chi exercise –Tra Bau Floating – Typical Vietnamese cuisine – Return to Hanoi (Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch)

If you want to know details about the tour schedule or more information about other cruises in Halong Bay, visit here: https://vietnamhalongbay.com/

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Above is some basic information about the 5-star Genesis Regal Cruise Halong that Smile Travel provides to tourists. Hopefully visitors will have many interesting and memorable trips in Halong Bay with this 5-star cruise. To book a Halong Bay tour, visitors can contact us via email: info@smiletravel.com.vn for advice and to book reputable tours, quality and reasonable prices.

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