Coffee Shops in Dalat With Breathtaking Views

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Nestled amidst the enchanting hillsides and mist-laden valleys of Đà Lạt, you’ll find a plethora of captivating and picturesque coffee shops that offer an unparalleled experience. Whether perched beneath the whispering pines, on the windswept landscapes of smallhold farms, or on the edge of steep hillsides, these independent establishments have become a haven for coffee enthusiasts. While some exude sophistication and chic elegance, others embrace a charmingly retro and rustic ambiance. It’s no wonder that these coffee shops have become magnets for the young, trendy, and artistic crowd (although it’s worth noting that the scent of pine can occasionally intertwine with the aroma of weed).

This surge in coffee culture is, in part, fueled by Vietnam’s thriving “sống ảo” phenomenon – a term coined to describe the virtual life embraced by many, who document their experiences through carefully curated selfies for their social media profiles. These unique cafes beautifully blend two of the region’s most renowned features: aromatic coffee and the breathtaking pine-covered mountains. Exploring these establishments by indulging in a delightful cafe-hopping adventure allows you to immerse yourself in the essence of Đà Lạt. As you move from one coffee shop to another, you’ll witness the stunning landscapes of the city and its surrounding countryside, inhale the refreshing scent of pine, embrace the crisp mountain air, and savor the diverse range of coffee offerings. Additionally, these coffee shops provide a welcome escape from the bustling, noisy, and increasingly polluted city center that Đà Lạt has become. It’s no exaggeration to say that this emerging coffee scene has established itself as one of the most captivating in all of Asia.

1. Lưng Chừng

Nestled at the end of a lengthy and steep concrete lane, beneath the enchanting embrace of towering pines, Lưng Chừng is a hidden gem perched on a hillside near the valley floor. This charming café, set upon a concrete platform, harmoniously blends rustic wooden structures with nature’s elegance. With its open-sided design, the café invites the cool, invigorating breeze to dance through its washed concrete walls. As you explore its various levels, decks, balconies, alcoves, and mezzanines, you’ll discover cozy furniture adorned with textiles, lush potted plants, and graceful hanging lamps.

Lưng Chừng is like a sanctuary, permeating with the intoxicating aromas of coffee and lotus tea. It attracts a vibrant and youthful crowd, often found immersed in their digital realms, while delicate lilies grace the tabletops, books line the shelves, and playful puppies frolic amidst pine cones scattered on the floor. The café offers stunning views overlooking a lush green valley, with coffee bushes dotting the landscape beneath the majestic Prenn Pass. Delighting your taste buds, Lưng Chừng serves Vietnamese-style coffee and tea of exceptional quality, with prices averaging around 50,000vnd, a standard rate for such captivating establishments.

Whether you seek a space to unwind, work, capture memorable photographs, or simply lose yourself in a good book, Lưng Chừng warmly welcomes you. Its cozy and breathtaking atmosphere effortlessly embodies a sense of contemporary sophistication.

2. Twin Beans Farm

Nestled deep within a picturesque valley, adorned with towering pine trees, and basking in the majestic presence of Lang Biang Mountain, lies the extraordinary Twin Beans Farm. Located just 20km north of Đà Lạt city centre, this remarkable destination seamlessly combines the allure of a sophisticated coffee shop, a captivating farmstay, and a serene retreat. To reach this hidden gem, you’ll venture along a rustic road that winds through the idyllic countryside, currently undergoing enhancements for a smoother journey. As you make your way, Twin Beans Farm gradually unfolds before your eyes, situated between two enchanting streams on a hillside.

Crossing a charming bridge above the shimmering waters, ascend the hill, passing the safari-style canvas accommodations that dot the property, and you’ll arrive at the café itself. Embodying a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, Twin Beans Farm exudes an air of sophistication. Its architecture elegantly combines wood and concrete, while thoughtfully positioned benches and stools on the open-sided deck offer panoramic views of the sprawling farm, the verdant valley, and the undulating hills. The design aesthetic is crisp, clean, and effortlessly elegant, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and inspiring. Whether you seek relaxation, a conducive work environment, or simply the pleasure of immersing yourself in awe-inspiring scenery, Twin Beans Farm caters to your every need.

Indulge your palate with the exquisite offerings of Twin Beans Farm, as their exceptional coffee and tea options, including specialty varieties, delight even the most discerning connoisseurs. Prices for these delightful beverages range between 50,000-70,000vnd, ensuring an accessible yet remarkable experience for all who visit this serene sanctuary.

3. Kong Coffee

Situated on the eastern fringes of Đà Lạt, where the city’s urban landscape gently gives way to open spaces, you’ll discover a cluster of vibrant and youthful cafes perched atop ridges. From these lofty positions, these cafes offer captivating vistas that overlook the outskirts of the city, as well as the sprawling valleys filled with lush greenhouses and distant mountains. Among the hidden gems tucked away in a particular back-alley, a few uber-trendy coffee shops with a retro charm can be found, often referred to as thời xưa (meaning ‘old time’ or ‘antique’). While Tiệm Cà Phê Cheo Veoo is widely recognized as one of the most famous establishments in the area, it was unfortunately closed for the Lunar New Year holiday during my visit. However, neighboring Chenh Coffee and Kong Coffee share a similar vibe and enjoy a well-deserved reputation.

Kong Coffee, in particular, caught my attention with its rustic-chic style and the inviting ambiance of a mountain retreat. Housed within a two-story wooden structure with an array of plank walls, this café offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. As Vietnamese rap music softly fills the background, groups of young customers gather in snug corners, terraces, alcoves, and the expansive rooftop deck, taking in breathtaking countryside views. The coffee served at Kong Coffee is both satisfying and robust, while the prices remain reasonable, ranging between 35,000-45,000vnd. It’s worth noting that within this creative hub, you may encounter the scent of marijuana, observe expressive tattoos, and notice an array of dyed hair—a testament to the friendly and artistic vibe that permeates the space.

4. Tiệm Cà Phê Tháng Ba

Tiệm Cà Phê Tháng Ba exudes an air of sophistication, housed within a structure that could pass for a meticulously refurbished late French colonial-era villa or a modern interpretation of one. As you step into this coffee shop, you’ll find yourself in a conservatory-like space at the rear of the property. From the open-sided patio, you can take in sweeping views of a sizable, albeit slightly untamed, valley and the mist-covered mountain ridges that lie beyond. Every aspect of the café has been thoughtfully curated, giving the impression that the owners have complete mastery over the ambiance they’ve created.

The patio is adorned with exposed red brick flooring, wooden tables, and a balustrade beneath a wooden-slat roof. Inside, the rough-brushed white-painted brick walls create a charming backdrop for antique-style furniture, softened by carefully placed potted plants and a cozy fireplace nestled in the corner. Elegantly dressed baristas tend to the coffee counter, adorned with an array of coffee-making apparatus, while industrial-chic lamps gracefully hang from the ceiling. Even the menu reflects the café’s understated elegance—a concise, hand-written list in fountain pen on white paper.

Tiệm Cà Phê Tháng Ba is a place where you can simply be—whether working, reading, hanging out, or going on a date. It exudes an extremely cool retro style that manages to feel simultaneously contemporary. The background music sets a refined tone, featuring classic standards by artists like Sinatra and Armstrong, making it one of the few coffee shops that, in my opinion, plays “good” music. The coffee itself is of excellent quality, and the prices are fairly standard, ranging between 40,000-60,000vnd.

However, it’s worth noting that there is a subtle hint of superiority, a sense of “class” or snobbery, which sets this café apart from others on this list. It may not exude the same level of friendliness found in other establishments.

5. In The Forest Đà Lạt

Tucked away at the end of a narrow lane, enveloped by a lush forest, In The Forest Đà Lạt is a captivating destination perched on the edge of a coffee farm. It overlooks a steep valley adorned with majestic pines, verdant plantations, and orchards. The main structure of this enchanting establishment is a greenhouse-style cabin that bathes in abundant sunlight and invigorating fresh air. While its multiple levels of wooden decks extend over the valley, offering breathtaking views, it has become a popular spot for selfies and a place where some individuals may choose to partake in recreational activities.

The scenic beauty of In The Forest Đà Lạt makes it a perfect backdrop for capturing memorable photos, particularly during the enchanting twilight hours. The coffee served here, exclusively Vietnamese-style, boasts a delightful flavor, and the prices are within the normal range of 40,000-50,000vnd. As a gathering place for a young crowd eager to document their experiences, it’s important to note that during my visit, the staff appeared disinterested, and the service felt rushed. However, a short distance north on the main road (Khe Sanh) lies Đà Lạt View, a renowned coffee shop known for its elaborate selfie props. It’s definitely worth a visit to immerse yourself in their unique offerings.

6. Đà Lạt Mountain View

As you step through a wooden doorway and descend a staircase, the enchanting world of Đà Lạt Mountain View unfolds before you. The spacious interior resembles a grand church-like space, boasting high ceilings, open-plan seating arrangements, and magnificent ferns that stretch from the floor to the roof. A wooden coffee counter stands as the focal point, adding a touch of rustic charm. The light wood structure follows the architectural style of a Swiss ski chalet, complete with sloping roofs and a long balcony on the mezzanine floor (adorned, curiously, with Union Jacks). Inside, the space offers a warm and cozy ambiance, with pleasant acoustics. Outside, the coffee shop extends onto an expansive wooden deck featuring a long, narrow reflection pool. Beyond this serene setting lies a deep valley, adorned with majestic pines, vibrant flower gardens, and glimpses of Đà Lạt’s bustling urban landscape.

Đà Lạt Mountain View has been meticulously designed, and it has garnered popularity among locals and visitors of all ages. The coffee served here is of excellent quality, as expected from such a place, with prices starting from 50,000vnd. While the background pop music may slightly detract from the overall atmosphere, it is kept at a bearable volume, allowing guests to still enjoy their experience.

7. Uông Home Coffee

Nestled at the end of a steep lane, the entrance to Uông Home Coffee beckons you. Blending seamlessly with the surrounding structures, Uông Home exudes a delightfully local and inviting atmosphere. This informal coffee shop, perched on a steep ridge, embraces a cozy and intimate ambiance. Its character is reflected in a collection of wooden, bamboo, and corrugated-iron sheds, interspersed with flower beds and wooden platforms. Uông Home possesses a unique charm that exudes an old-style Đà Lạt café vibe, reminiscent of a comfortable homestay.

Throughout the space, you’ll find scattered tables and chairs, all thoughtfully arranged to provide expansive views of the neighboring homes, gardens, towering pine trees, and majestic mountains. Uông Home serves Vietnamese-style coffee exclusively, staying true to its roots, and the prices are comparatively affordable, starting at 35,000vnd. It’s important to note that while my photos may not capture the full essence of this coffee shop, rest assured that its charm and ambiance are worth experiencing firsthand.

8. Tiệm Cà Phê Túi Mơ To

Located on the eastern outskirts of the city center, Tiệm Cà Phê Túi Mơ To has become a beloved destination for friends, couples, and families seeking a delightful hangout spot. Drawing inspiration from the expansive plastic-covered greenhouses that dot the surrounding valley, this coffee shop boasts a design and decor that pay homage to the vibrant agricultural scene of Đà Lạt. Renowned for its flourishing flowers, vegetables, and fruits, the region’s fertile soil and temperate climate contribute to the abundance of produce. These bountiful crops thrive beneath protective layers of plastic, shielding them from inclement weather and supplemented with artificial lighting during nighttime.

During the day, the landscape may appear somewhat unconventional and semi-industrial, with a touch of organized chaos. However, as darkness descends and the greenhouses illuminate with a mesmerizing glow, the surroundings transform into an otherworldly spectacle, evoking a surreal and ethereal ambiance reminiscent of scenes from the X-Files. Nestled on a ledge overlooking the captivating “valley of greenhouses,” Tiệm Cà Phê Túi Mơ To features a charming low-rise structure crafted from wood and iron sheets. Several plastic-covered gazebos, resembling local farmhouses, grace the space amidst picturesque flower beds adorned with antique-style lanterns, pine cones, and potted plants.

Tiệm Cà Phê Túi Mơ To exudes an undeniable allure, and its coffee offerings are exceptional, ranging from 40,000-60,000vnd. With its captivating surroundings and delightful brews, this coffee shop promises a memorable experience for all who visit.

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